Barack’s Acorn

Didn’t fall far from the tree.

UPDATE: Youtube has pulled the ad, I’ve found it at Liveleak and reposted:

You can also play the ad from the Campaign Website here.

Here’s the original Youtube link, now down if you click on it:

The Barack truth Squad is out in force, this one’s been pulled down at Youtube per commentor Aknot, he dropped off an article on Acorn and voter fraud in in Florida that’s worth reading however from 970WFLA:

Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark has notified the State Attorney and the Florida Division of Elections that her office has received 35 voter registration applications in the last two weeks from the organization Work for Progress that appear questionable and possibly fraudulent. The handwriting is virtually the same on multiple applications, and some have the same address. Some of the applications have no address or are incomplete in other ways.

One application was turned in incomplete, so elections staff sent a notice to the applicant. However, the voter responded that she has been registered to vote since 1995 and stated that she had not submitted a new registration application.

One of the bigger problems with these massive voter registration fraud efforts is how it shapes the polls and creates a false impression of reality. All pollsters weight their samples by the numbers of voters registered D or R in the states that record party affiliation. If there are 4X the numbers of Democrats registered than Republicans, they are going to sample more Democrats in their poll than Republicans, even if the state is traditionally red. This is skewing the view of the election.

UPDATE: Paul F Villarreal has a new link that works at Youtube here.

Meanwhile Barack’s Campaign is doing all they can to distance him from Acorn, but there is this quote right out of his own mouth:

I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

6 thoughts on “Barack’s Acorn”

  1. This is not all that new, ACORN and other Democratic agencies
    have been doing it for years. In 2000, they were busing voters
    over the state line from IL into MO to vote in St. Louis and trying
    to keep the polls open longer until caught by election officials.
    The Democrats have a saying “Vote early and often”….

  2. wildbegger this is on an incredible level though. He cheated his way through the primaries. TWO documentaries with footage of him cheating in EVERY caucus state are coming out. It’s unbelievable the amount of voter fraud that has gone on. Bullying, thuggery, threats, stealing sign in sheets, locking people out of caucuses, hiring a firm that stole delegates. Meyers associates…

    and that is not a democrat saying, it’s from the dirty politicians in Chicago.

    There are previews of the caucus cheating movies coming out…one is called “‘We Will Not Be Silenced” and the other is called “The Audacity Of Democracy”

  3. Democrats as well as Republicans should be raising hell about
    the fraud going on during the primaries and caucus’s. There
    should be a federal election investigation and anyone involved
    in voter fraud should be fined and jailed. This is a violation of
    one of our basic rights, the freedom of choice…

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