What Just Happened???

What really did happen? Who enabled Countrywide to loan money on houses over the heads of many? Who created the atmosphere in which banks were often picketed if they turned down loans? Who made their campaign cry the last decade and a half “Redlining! Predatory Lending!”. If you don’t get the predatory lending part it’s pretty simple … people with bad credit used to have to pay higher interest rates and fees on their loans. To the Dems, that was redlining and predatory. Here’s the tape:

More on Barney Frank’s ties to Fannie at Fox  News

One thought on “What Just Happened???”

  1. It amazes me that Obama’s out on the trail telling everyone that Bush, McCain and all the Republicans are the reason for the Wall Street collapse when all the evidence clearly points to the Democrats, CRA, Acorn and the idea that housing is a right under the Constitution. Frank, Shumer, Dodd, Obama and Kerry
    all had something to do with this house of cards. If it were ever
    investigated it, they would be in jail if they were lucky enough not to be caught by a lynch mob…

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