The Children who Survived

On 11/6 a Taliban bomber murdered 52 Muslim children in Afghanistan, 5 of their teachers and several others totalling 72 innocent lives destroyed. Reuters has a story this morning on the children who survived, and the nightmares they face nightly:

The blast killed 72 people, including 52 schoolboys and five of their teachers. Six parliamentarians also died.

“I panic badly. I dream about very dangerous things and wake up shouting,” said Lotfullah, 14, who is also being treated for wounds in the Baghlan hospital.

Parents worried how their children would cope.

“My son wakes up crying every night. We are very worried about him … He speaks about the dead and dogs following him,” said Nafisa. The blast killed one son and wounded another.

Mohammad Shokor’s son was about to undergo an operation.

“I don’t know how he will live. He is badly frightened. He talks nonsense to himself.”

Other parents had stopped sending their children to school.

“Our survey shows parents were also badly scared by this attack,” said Narmgoy.

“They either do not send their children to school, or if they go they cannot concentrate on their lessons.”

Dr. Kaneshka Urmiz, a psychologist, warned the sudden and violent shock the boys had suffered, unless treated, might affect them badly in later life.

“These children could grow up to be thugs or criminals in the future … They can be depressed and dangerous people, unless they are looked after.”

Taliban insurgents have killed more than 200 civilians in at least 130 suicide bombs this year