Children of Lightning

It’s not oft that I drag things out of the archives, but this is an important theme – critical not only to the future of our nation, but also our world. It bears repeating every now and again, and remember in those town hall meetings to ask candidates what their energy policy is. Don’t let them get away with buzz-words like “energy independence” or “alternative fuels research” either. That’s not enough, the stops have to be pulled out and the nation needs to go full-bore towards implementing all energy sources and improvements.

Without further ado I present:

Children of Lightning or Children of Terror?

Mankind is ingenious at tapping the energy bounty provided by nature. From the first fire, to windmills, to water wheels, to today’s electric generating plants we have progressed from superstitious awe and deification of nature to harnessing it to our every need.

Today however we have several movements that question and deny the need for more energy, and we have dangerous tyrants who oppose our advance at every opportunity. These forces all sprang from the romantic era, two driven by an idealized view of nature, and one from a religio-racist view and they all ally when it’s convenient.

There are really only three roadblocks to a great future for us and future generations:

The first consists of nihilistic neo-romantics who would prefer that the rest of humanity didn’t exist at all. Earth-firsters, Greenpeace, Greens, the radical environmentalists, the zero-population groups, all have the same wellspring: that idealized, romantic view of nature and the noble savage.

The other two roadblocks are the groups of Marxist and Islamo-fascist states who hold most of the world’s petrochemical energy resources and their peoples in thrall.

These movements, environmental, Marxist, and tyrannical racism, would prefer that mankind did not advance at all. They look upon you and me as part of a plague of humanity on this planet for either racist, geo-political, or environmental reasons, and they look on America’s dream of a better future for all as the only real opposition to their power and dreams.

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Islamist Plot to Kidnap Ghandi Interupted

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgIndian Police agencies continue to do a fine job of stopping terrorism; today they arrested three members of Jaish e Muhammed, an Al Qaeda allied organisation, who were planning to kidnap the son of Congress Party Chief Sonia Ghandi.

Rahul Ghandi was saved by the action, and the three men and their weapons were taken into custody. Story at BBC:

The men belonged to the Jaish-e-Mohammed group and were planning to kidnap a “very important political person”, the police said.

Local reports suggested the target could have been Rahul Gandhi, son of Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi.

Police said the arrested men were all Pakistanis.

The chief of Uttar Pradesh police Vikram Singh said the three men were arrested on the outskirts of the state capital, Lucknow.

He said the men were travelling from Delhi in a car.

Mr Singh said militants planned to kidnap a “very important person” in exchange for 42 militants lodged in various Indian prisons.

Ammunition, rifles, grenades and explosives were seized from the men, he said.

More at Stratfor and from Zee News:

Lucknow, Nov 16: In a major development, the UP Police and Special Task Force (STF) arrested three terrorists linked with the Jaish-e-Mohammed outfit here on Friday. The arrests followed a fierce encounter, which also led to the recovery of a huge cache of arms and explosives.

Addressing a press conference, the UP DGP Vikram Singh said that the Police had received crucial intelligence inputs about terrorists having recently entered Lucknow City to execute their nefarious designs. The terrorists planned to target VVIPs to create pressure on the government to release 42 militants in Indian jails. The idea was abduct well-known personalities including Rahul Gandhi and seek release of their associates as ransom. They also wanted the international community to intervene so as to highlight the matter.