If You Were Uncertain

If you’re uncertain about where Democrats stand on manipulating news, the mask has slipped and most journalists make no pretension of disguise now. Witness this agitprop operation at a call in radio show.

It’s pure liberal mythos that the media is unbiased, witness the recent debates on CNN where questions for Hillary were planted, and Democrat operatives posed as average citizens while CNN knowingly pandered to the operation. More on the shamefull scam perpetrated by the Democrats in collusion with CNN at Hot Air.

Where they aren’t biased they are lazy sluggards, reprinting party handbills and PR memos as news. It’s like those journalists who report from Baghdad while never leaving the hotelĀ bar in the green zone, instead breathlessly notating everything the Islamist “stringer” tells themĀ and putting it on the wire unalloyed by any fact-checking.