Robert Novak: Man in the Middle Again

Robert Novak is once again breaking news of scandal, and hoarded information — but this time it’s about two Democrat rivals — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. More from Glen Thrush at Newsday :

Robert Novak, whose White House contacts put him at the center of the Valerie Plame investigation, reported Saturday that unspecified “agents” working for Clinton “are spreading the word in Democratic circles that she has scandalous information.”

In an extraordinary e-mail sent to reporters Saturday morning, Obama reprinted Novak’s three-paragraph report and claimed it had been planted by Clinton’s staff.

“In the interest of our party, and her own reputation, Senator Clinton should either make public any and all information referred to in the item, or concede the truth: that there is none,” wrote Obama.

Novak made no reference to a source, anonymous or otherwise, gave no indication what information he was referring to and didn’t seek comment from Clinton, whose staff later dismissed his account as baseless.

Thank Our Troops During the Holidays

Please take some time to thank our troops during the Holidays – H/T Little Green Footballs, Right Wing News.

 For six long years our military has fought gallantly on foreign shore against a foe most murderous. For six long years they’ve been maligned while doing things more perfectly than any military force ever has. With the holidays upon us please take the time to pass them both your esteem for their persistent courage and valor, and pass them your regards for the love they demonstrate daily to their country.
America Supports You

Another Al Qaeda Muslim Mass Grave Uncovered

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgAnother mass grave of Muslims murdered by Al Qaeda has been uncovered in Iraq, this one containing dozens of bodies. The former graves were reported here. This story from AP/Yahoo:

Remains of possibly dozens of people believed slain in sectarian violence were unearthed Saturday from a mass grave in a former Al-Qaida stronghold in southern Baghdad — the third such find in Iraq this month.

Also Saturday, an Iraqi television station reported one of its reporters had been kidnapped — the latest in a grim series of attacks that has made Iraq among the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists.

The badly decomposed remains were found in Baghdad’s mostly Sunni Dora neighborhood by Sunnis who have turned against al-Qaida in Iraq, police said. They were discovered in an area overlooking the main highway leading to Shiite shrine cities in the south.

Sunni extremists would often waylay travelers along that road, kidnapping and killing Shiites.

The remains were placed in black plastic bags and transferred to a Shiite mosque in Dora, according to a police officer at the mosque. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release information.