Veteran’s Day; Armistice Day; Remembrance Day 2007


This is a day to honor and remember all those who have served our country in its need. We remember those who fought amidst smoke and ruin, and those who worked long hours behind them wishing they were there at the front instead. We remember them fondly as they are the finest among us; even those who never saw warfront, nor blood, nor battle bravely chose the inherent risk of putting their life in service to their country.

We honor as well those who worked life-long to ensure our safety, thus defeating foes without battle – they are also the finest among us — for they know that safety and freedom rely on readiness first. They all suffer the fellowship of pain and toil that comes from seeing the potential faces of death, and saying “It Shall Not Be!”

Some of our warriors bear the lifelong burdens of deaths and pains, both comrade’s and foe’s, upon their shoulders. Despite those burdens they persist in life and create a better future. So think on them most of all this day, and on the burden the honored ones who did not fall carry with them ever after. 


Please also stop by Jammie Wearing Fool, Jawa Report, Little Green footballs, and the Mountain forum  and This Aint Hell for pictorial and video tributes from today’s activities. In the latter is a great series of photos, ending with Veterans giving the only salute appropriate to the Westboro Baptist Church.

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