Muslim Brotherhood Propagandist Loses Head, Ten to Hang

The story of Mohammed Taha comes to a close as the Islamists responsible for his beheading were sentenced to death by hanging. Mohammed was a propagandist for the Muslim Brotherhood, he wrote Islamist screeds to further their aims. The problem with MB Islamism however is that anyone can assume the mantle of Amr, anyone can declare someone Takfir, apostate, etc. From ABC News:

Ten men from the Darfur region of Sudan have been sentenced to death for the murder and beheading of a controversial Islamist newspaper editor.

Mohamed Taha was kidnapped from his home last year by armed men.

His decapitated body was found the next morning lying on a street in the south of the capital Khartoum.

The crime came as a huge shock in Sudan.

Many believed it echoed images of the brutal killings by Al Qaeda militants in Iraq.

Mr Taha, an Islamist himself, had angered some by reprinting an article questioning the roots of the Prophet Mohammed.

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So the extremists war with themselves, and that is the problem with Political Islam – it becomes a dog-eat-dog fight over who will be Emir or Caliph, who is more holy, and who is Takfir. It attracts the worst sorts in the Islamic world, not the best.

So you have it that Al Qaeda and allies have killed ten times the number of Muslims that the US has, even though we are at war in two Muslim countries. Think on the evil that must drive that – and the cowardice of the Islamists. 

They have no hope for a future, and really never did.