Truth in Iran is Punishable by Death

A few weeks back in Pakistan there were mass demonstrations against muzzling of the press by PEMRA ammendments which were quickly backed out of the law by the government when they saw that people were unhappy. In Iran, they don’t just shut down your paper or station — they put you to death under Sharia law. Truth in Iran is a crime punishable by death. Story at Fox news:

TEHRAN, Iran  —  The Iranian judiciary confirmed that two journalist from the country’s Kurdish minority have been sentenced to death, a rare verdict against media people here, the official Iranian news agency reported on Tuesday.
Adnan Hassanpour and Hiva Boutimar have been sentenced to execution on the charge of Moharebeh,” the agency quoted Ali Reza Jamshidi, spokesman of judiciary, as saying. Moharebeh, which literally means “fighting” in classical Arabic, is used in Iran’s Sharia law to describe a major crime against the religion and the Islamic state.

The official new agency did not specify what crime the two Kurdish journalists were precisely accused of.

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  1. Exactly how long can the people of Iran withstand this oppression without totally coming unhinged? I don’t care how deep their faith or servitude is…this country HAS to be a powderkeg right about now.

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