Wahabbists in Bosnia: A Dangerous Trend

In a lengthy but lucid and fact-filled article ADN Kronos details the dark seed of Saudi-funded Wahabbism in Bosnia. It appears that the Wahabbists are moving to cow the moderate, (or “Takfir“to the Wahabbists,) Muslims in the region. If it’s not clear to you by now from the past articles here, Wahabbists will hunt other Muslims ahead of Kaffir because for Wahabbists the Caliphate is the goal, for that to come they must rule all other muslims first.

 Please read the entire article.

In April, at the request of the Serbian authorities, police in breakaway Kosovo province issued an arrest warrant for Ismail Pretic, who they claim is a Wahabi militant who may have fled to the United Nations administered province. Road-blocks have been erected in northern Kosovo to help apprehend Pretic, who should be considered “armed and dangerous,” according to police.

Serbian security officials say militants at the Wahabi training camp in Serbia’s southern Sandjak region – were planning an attack on local Muslims. On 17 March police discovered there an underground arsenal of weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades, 10 kilogrammes of plastic explosives and automatic assault rifles. Police said they arrested four suspected Islamist militants during the raid a further two on 19 March.

Up to 30 Wahabis had been gathering and undergoing training in the camp at Ninaja Mountain, about 30 km north of the town of Novi Pazar police said. The six men arrested all come from Novi