11 thoughts on “Thanos Takes a Vacation”

  1. Yes, it’s youtube Karridine, sorry friend, I will zip it and email or something when I get back home. Can you get to Liveleak btw?

  2. It looks like you are at the Busch Gardens in Florida…because I watched that storm out my front door. The local news stations were alert’n like crazy, Luckily I didn’t get any of that. Watch out tho…they say there might be more tonight! If you get bored try “The Front Porch Grill and Bar”, it’s my sisters restaurant.

  3. Thanos,

    Enjoy the time off! relax….breathe in the fresh air….be thankfull and grateful. We’ll look forward to having you back but in the meantime, enjoy!

  4. Yep that’s where we were at, we headed to Orlando though tomorrow, maybe we could hook up on Thursday, drop a note if you’d like to.

  5. That would be great Tark. I escape from work around 2pm and can find just about anyplace in the Bay area. I updated my email so we can get in contact.

  6. Ok let’s see what we can do, have to figure out the flight times to see when we are headed out.

  7. Ok we don’t leave til 7:55 pm … so that should work out good. Or we could meet up later tomorrow night after we get back from Orlando, which do you prefer?

  8. Tonight is good Tark, I sent you an email. Today was a good day to visit Orlando…St. Petersburg had a funnel cloud.

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