7/7/7 : Remembering Anat

anat_rosenburg.jpgI have a friend I work with from Israel – we’ve never met in real life, but we oft speak together on conference bridges. She travels back and forth between the US and Israel, an important program manager for a large company.

I love it when Anat comes on the conference bridge, because she is so sharp, certain and intelligent — whatever muddle the developers are in she clears up quickly. She’s cheerful, gracious, a newlywed,  and I do wish her and her husband well in Tel Aviv.

This is not about the Anat I know however, it’s about Anat Rosenburg — who died in a blast two years agone, on 7/7/5.  Anat feared returning to Israel to visit her parents because of the Hamas and Hez’ballah terrorists — however hate and evil knows few boundaries and terror took her life anyway on 7/7. She returned to Israel to be buried.

As I gaze at Anat Rosenburg’s picture I wonder if she sounded like the Anat I know, and I wonder if she had the same quick wit and joy of life. From all accounts she did. The charity she worked for certainly misses her, and everyone on this day should remember Anat.

Who killed her? — I don’t know; I don’t care to know; and why would anyone remember that name?