More Arrests in Glasgow Terror Attack

UPDATE: CNN breaking video report — not the two above, but the two men who rammed the Jeep into the Airport are the same men who planted the car-bombs near the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Piccadilly.

Update: CBS reporting that Glasgow Terrorists were recruited by al-Muhajir of Al Qaida.

Breaking 7:24 pm US central time: Aussies arrest another suspect in the Glasgow / London terror attacks in Brisbane.

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – Australian Attorney General Philip Ruddock says the suspect arrested over the foiled British terror plots was a doctor at a Queensland state hospital and is not an Australian citizen.

UPDATE: 2:07 PM central : A total of three SIX doctors now in custody. Video here in which the Jordanian of Palestinian descent parents are shocked and disbelieving, appealing to King Abdullah of Jordan… Do we need to start running Islamic Public Service announcements “Parents: do you know where your children are and WTF the Qutbists are stuffing in their heads?”

UPDATE 3:07 PM Central Monday: Fox News reporting 8th arrest here.
Two more men ages 25 and 28 have been arrested by the Strathclyde police, that is all the detail known at the moment Story on AP wire aproximately 6:55 am Central time US, the photo at the story link above shows two men carting two bundled items in a wheelbarrow, contents unknown:

Police said Monday they arrested two more men as suspects in the car bomb attack on Glasgow airport. Strathclyde police said two men, aged 25 and 28, had been detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, correcting an earlier report one suspect was 20 years old.

“This continues to be a fast-moving investigation and I am grateful to the public for their perseverance and support during these difficult times,” Assistant Chief Constable John Malcolm said

UPDATE: CNN breaking video report — not the two new arrests above, but the two men who rammed the Jeep into the Airport are the same men who planted the car-bombs near the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Piccadilly. According to police they were hot on the trail of the two terrorists just before the attack in Glasgow.

UPDATE: Many More details HERE and HERE — more is now known about the 7 total arrests, and it appears that the authorities are well on top of this now. They are backtracking calls, and have identified one pair of the suspects (not the new arrests above, those names are not yet known,) as a Palestinian Doctor and his wife who arrived in 2005. There is still speculation as well about others, such as Siddiqui, who have gone missing from control orders.

UPDATE: Leo McKinstry at the Daily Express makes some good points in his analysis here.

Where are the protesters shouting “not in my name”?

Usually so quick to take to the streets at any perceived slight against their religion, all too many Muslims in Britain seem indifferent to attempted mass slaughter being carried out in the name of Islam.

When an obscure Danish newspaper published a satirical cartoon of the prophet Mohammed last year, there were such huge Muslim rallies that central London was brought to a halt on three successive weekends.

Yet the serious terrorist incidents of recent days have incurred no such heated response. In some cases, there was an outright attempt to deny Muslim responsibility. The deputy general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, Daud Abdullah, came out with this preposterous statement after the London bombings had been foiled: “Let’s not create a hypothetical problem. It can be the work of Muslims, Christians, Jews or Buddhists.”