Taliban Schisms Widen

daddullah-damned-2.jpgzawahiri-dajjal.jpgChristian Science Monitor and the Pakistan Daily times have articles on the widening schisms in the Taliban which we’ve tracked here since last August. The splits are for a variety of reasons, they are not purely sectarian as some have painted.

Some of the splits devolve to philosophy and method: concerns that the Ummah has noticed that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are killing more muslims than the Nato forces. Some are purely regional — dog eat dog struggles for regions and smuggling routes. Others involve tribal differences, and some truly are sectarian and racial.

It really boils down to this: When nobody is in control, then everybody wants to be in control and will use any excuse to assume power. All Jihadis better watch their own backs, because your “brothers” aren’t guarding them anymore; instead they are eyeing that spot between your shoulderblades.

Daily Times article here.