One thought on “Connecting the Dots — All Roads Lead to London”

  1. Scary stuff coming out of London. Scary, for sure.

    A bit off topic but I’ve been recapping BillRoggio’s site for Aghanistan updates and have noticed the following killing trend:

    May 1 – 79 Taliban killed
    Apr 30 – 150 Taliban killed
    Apr 29 – 4 Taliban killed
    Apr 28 – 29 Taliban killed
    Apr 27 – 6 Taliban killed
    Apr 26 – 12 Taliban killed

    That’s 280 in 6 days! That’s a tad more than 45 per day. Now I figure if the Spring Offensive kicks in and is slated to last for say, 60 days…and these kill rates hold, that would mean 2,700 Taliban to be killed by the end of June. That outta leave a mark, eh?

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