Waziristan News

An interesting update to yesterday’s Pakistan coverage of the new Jirga and accords: Apparently most or all of the leaders who signed the original South Waziristan peace accords are now gone with the Uzbeks, which is probably why they made and signed a new one.

Second, in the same article, it appears that the Uzbeks fled to North Wazirstan, or they used some clever misdirection by putting Tahir Yuldashev’s bullet proof Prado 4×4 where he wasn’t going. From Dawn:

Meanwhile, government officials said Uzbek militants, who had fled to the mountainous region of Manra and Nandran, appeared to have fled to Shawal in the neighbouring North Waziristan.

“Their vehicles were found abandoned to the north of Manra,” one official said. He said that among the abandoned vehicles was the famous bullet-proof Prado four-by-four vehicle of Uzbek militant commander Qari Tahir Yaldashev.

Meanwhile the Ambassador of Uzbekistan takes umbrage at the charactarization of the battles in Wana as against Uzbeks. This article’s worth a read mostly for the history detail on Tahir Yuldashev.