Jamia Hafsa Update

Something I missed yesterday: The government has blocked the Lal Masjid website, and stopped FM broadcasts from them, as reported in Pak online forums & Dawn. Also note that the  government is searching for Lal Masjid’s presses, this article points out the multitude of Jihadi newspapers in Pakistan.

Parachinar UPDATE: The Sunni / Shia sectarian violence in Parchinar near the border continues to heat up, reports have it at 83 43 casualties so far, with 40 10 dead [ed note: most stories in Pakistan they interview both sides, who each inflate body counts and casualties, corrected later via updates in paper.] Authorities have called a curfew and promise to “shoot violators on sight.”  The conflict then moved to surrounding villages, and there are reports that many market sections are now burned down. The factions are using sophisticated weapons including rocket launchers against each other.


From The Nation:

Shamim Shahid
PESHAWAR – Amidst the continuing sectarian clashes in Parachinar, headquarter of Kurram Agency, which claimed 40 lives and caused injuries to 43, the administration Saturday directed to “shoot at sight” those who violate the curfew hours. 
“ So far 40 people were killed and 43 injured,” informed Arbab Mohammad Arif when contacted by TheNation Saturday evening. 
Arbab Mohammad Arif, who is spokesman for Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), gave no further details, saying that now the security forces had spread in the area and were collecting the details of victims.
Haji Ghaljai Mangal, a leader of Jamaat Ahle Sunnat informed that house of Haji Abdullah Khan at Mohalla Qasayee was attacked with rockets in early hours of Saturday. According to him dead bodies of six persons were recovered while eight others were still missing. He said that killed persons included two adults who are brothers of Haji Abdullah Khan and four children. 
Earlier, the Political Agent of Kurram Agency Sahibzada Mohammad Anees while talking to media in Parachinar claimed that situation was now in control of military troops. However, the independent tribal sources informed that sectarian violence spread to certain surrounding villages of the headquarter whereas the rival tribesmen from sectarian groups were hitting each other’s positions through modern and sophisticated weapon.


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