Penn and Teller VS. Wal Mart Haters

*** Warning: Not work-safe, even with the bleeping ***

In this excerpt from Penn & Teller’s Showtime Series “Bullshit!” they take on some Wal-mart haters. I recommend you see the whole thing, or buy the series when it comes out on CD, it’s well worth the money or time spent.

Disclaimer: I am a long standing fan of Penn and Teller, I shook hands with Penn Jillette in the early nineties in Sacramento, I used to subscribe to The Skeptical Inquirer (aka The Zetetic,) I’ve given them money two times, and I even bought one of their crappy refridgerator magnets in Las Vegas. (Ok… so the refridgerator magnet’s not that crappy, matter of fact it’s kind of cool, but boy was it overpriced!)

I also worked for Viacom / Showtime around the time they were getting sued by Chuck Barris for broadcasting “The Gay Dating Game” on public access television in San Francisco. Penn’s really making me write all this… he’s been remotely mind controlling me ever since he shook my hand in the 90’s. One more thing: You really need to get them a better picture at Wikipedia Penn.