Those Papers are …. Just Paper

Some on the right are calling for prosecutions of those papers for endangering security, some are not. Everyone is hot and lathered over the revelations. Exposing the name or the place after the fact might call for a questionable prosecution, and besides that it would serve those papers needs.

Let’s face it, News is a product, as a product those papers are losing market share daily. Both their subscribers and their employees are in decline while their stocks are tumbling and advertising revenues are in free-fall. If we pay too much attention we increase the buzz and the exposure, and to me that just makes either their death throes or their reformation take longer. Expect them to bluster even louder the closer they approach the brink of dissolution.

In the meantime, I am just going to studiously ignore those papers because paying attention, or advertising for them, or creating buzz just aids them.

UPDATE: See Secretary of Treasury, John Snow’s letter in post prior to this. The answer is to ignore the NYT henceforth, go after Jeff Lichtblau as an investigation of national security. Get his phone records and everything else including the results of his last colonoscopy. He needs to be jailed until he reveals the source. Then we get the bastard political punk in the CIA or where ever who puts party allegiance ahead of country.

Once this is all said and done we are also probably going to need a ruling from the Supremes that national security interests supercede whistleblower statutes.