Prachandra Baits Nepalese Army and Bides Time

prachandra.jpgThe Nepalese people need to watch Prachandra closely — he continues to use threats of violence while at the same time he tries to remove the obstacle to his assumption of power.  He carries with him all the earmarks of a budding, fascist cult of personality dictator.

In a new interview he promises revolution in October (fancy that…) if his demands are not met. At the same time he wants to disband the army, while diminishing individual freedom and emphasizing central, state control.

“If the talks fail, there will definitely be an October Revolution of its own kind in Nepal. We are ready to lead that revolution.”

It would be a sad mistake if the Nepalese exhanged a monarch for dictator, and that is what Prachandra is setting Nepal up for. If the army is dissolved then it will be a short step from formation of a “people’s militia” to his donning of the communist mantle of blood and walking the shining path to dictatorship. During the civil war Prachandra demonstrated that he is unprincipled by murder and massacre, do not be fooled by him now.

An unorganized rabble of militia is not what Nepal needs for defense — the only functional militias in history have always gained direction, backbone, and limits from a professional core, and that must remain the case in Nepal if they would remain free. The Nepalese Army must remain, and be fully subject to the control of the new constitution and civil government that is formed. Anything else would be foolishness.

 Remember Nepal, communists rarely if ever smile. Stay Free, stay individuals, and govern yourselves with resolve and without thugs in control. To exist Communist Dictatorships must imprison, crush, or exile the free individual.  Nepal’s fate remains in the hands of its people — will the new government keep the Maoist/Shining path thugs at bay, or will the dark night descend?