EU in shambles

News from the EU summit paints a picture of dissolution and strife. They now have an action plan to revisit the constitution that failed to pass in two years, perhaps hoping for a better reception with voters at that point. Meanwhile they are beset with voter dissatisfaction over corruption at Airbus, and meet with silence the voters concern with the second home for the EU at Strasborg.

Thursday’s EU summit opened with silence on a subject dear to the 568,000 Europeans who recently signed a petition for the European Parliament to drop its €200 million a year second home in Strasbourg.

They are unable to broker an agreement with Turkey, and it looks like that initiative has stalled due to the question of Cyprus, and Turkey’s unwillingness to accept Greek Cypriot ships in their ports.

Meanwhile, one fifth of the poultry in the EU is determined to have salmonella, and the against this backdrop Europeans are flocking (pun intended) to organic food. Please, if salmonella and bird flu are rampant, give me the chicken that has the anti-biotic upbringing and preservatives added.