Eagle Kraft for the KOS Kids

sauron.jpgHere’s a photo from the KOS convention, I just wanted to take a moment and help our friends at KOS out a bit with this. Is it the seal of the KOS convention, the seal of Sauron, or a twisted projection of the Great Seal of the United States put up so they too can appear patriotic? You decide.

Please note that the head is malformed compared to the eagle below, notice also the artistic Freudian slip: the left wing is stunted, weak and malformed. Also note the wing on the right is full and strong, and offers plenty in the form of a sheaf of grain. The left leg is entirely missing, along with the symbol of US might, the traditional sheaf of arrows.


 So, to help the KOS kids out, here’s the KOS Koloring Kontest, along with a picture of how eagles really look:


For the rest of you, here is the seal depicted as it’s supposed to be, and what the seal is all about:

presidential seal.gif