Search Engine Recommendations

So there you have it, I need some comments on what other search engines are best, I will try a few and as soon as I get to a good one google desktop, google earth, and google search get peeled out of all five of my systems.

I am looking for an alternative to Google, seriously folks. Reasons:

  1. Their record of censorship in China
  2. Their screening of blogs that are “politically incorrect” (Do a search on “Jawa Report” on google news…)
  3. Their willingness to cooperate with communist tyrannies but unwillingness to cooperate with the US government to protect Americans by identifying terrorist search patterns.


More at Hot Air on Google, and of course Yahoo, their biggest competitor is carrying the story front and center. However Yahoo has their faults too, I am putting in the pertinent part of a Deutsche Welle article below, because the article is archived there now and takes forever to load, if you want full text go here and be patient while it loads. I suspect Cisco, Google, and Yahoo are NOT caching this article.

Complicity on the part of Western firms


How did all these countries become so skillful at doing this? Did Burma and Tunisia develop their own software? No. They bought the technology from foreign, mostly American firms. Secure Computing, for example, sold Tunisia a program to censor the Internet, including the Reporters Without Borders Web site.


Another US firm, Cisco Systems, created China’s Internet infrastructure and sold the country special equipment for the police to use. Internet companies’ ethical lapses drew attention when the US firm Yahoo! was accused in September 2005 of supplying the Chinese police with information used to sentence cyber-dissident Shi Tao to 10 years in prison.


China is now passing on its cyber-spying skills to other enemies of the Internet, including Zimbabwe, Cuba, and most recently Belarus. These countries will probably no longer need Western help for such spying in a few years’ time.


One last thing — if I am going to say all of this, I suppose that Google needs to come off the sidebar there….. Snip! Snap! Gone!….

Also, here’s more at Newsbusters.