President Bush Illegal immigration speech

It was compelling, and Bush did make a good case, probably one of the better speeches he’s given. I think he truly believes what he is saying, and he is going to stick by his principles hell or highwater. I have to respect him for that although I disagree with him on two points from his speech.

Specifically the guest worker program and internal enforcement — I am not convinced that “temporary” workers won’t become permanent. Most of our Non-Mexican illegal immigrants made it here with a green card, or with a visa that has since expired.

We don’t have the Federal Manpower to find them and deport them now. I don’t think we want the tax burden it would take to create the army of federal employees it would take to enforce this from the federal level. If we want illegal immigrants deported then we have to stop thinking like democrats and look to local efforts instead of federal. Republicans are not the party of the federal Nanny-state, why are we focusing only at the federal level on this issue?

We should focus on state, city, and county law enforcement agencies and politicians to let them know in certain terms that they can’t just enforce federal drug laws, or the federal laws they choose to. Instead if we value our country and our freedoms then we must enforce immigration laws at local levels as well. If the feds aren’t helping on deportations, local governments can buy plane tickets, and escort the Illegals aboard.

Secondly, it doesn’t address the fact that there are so many who don’t want to assimilate, as you could see by the Che tees and Mexican flags May 1st. How are they going to enforce “the path to citizenship” when they are helpless on interior enforcement now? 

If you aren’t willing to get after your local pols as well as washington starting tomorrow, then you are just talk and bluster, without true purpose or meaning — in other words you just say you oppose illegal immigration. Bush is being honest in his intent, you should be in yours. Put your petition gathering feet where your talk is, state and local initiatives to enforce Immigration policy would be great to have on the ballots this November.

One more thing: The local station in KC showed the story of an Illegal immigrant who came here with her parents when she was 12. She is married to an american citizen, has been here for 26 years, works hard, speaks english, and has a daughter. They have 21 days until she is deported. What do you say we do for cases like that? Is it all immigrants who must go, or some? Do any deserve a path to citizenship?