China and Cuba to siphon off gulf oil

China and Cuba will soon be tapping the reserves of oil under the Gulf of Mexico within fifty miles of Key West, Florida. These reserves are off-limits to US oil drillers due to extensive no-drilling zones created by congress. It’s flatly wrong to allow this to happen, if our only sources of oil are from tyranical countries how is that supporting freedom?

If we are forced to buy oil from Cuba, China, Venezuela, Iran, and the Saudis, what and who are we supporting with our dollars?

See a great write up with maps here at Gateway pundit, and here’s the article from Senator Larry Craig’s home page.

I grew up in Alaska, and helped build the last great oil project in this country — the Alaskan Oil Pipeline. The wails of the environmental lobbies during that time were mighty to behold, but thirty years later there are more Caribou in Alaska than there were then and the environment is fine. The worst disaster they can point to was the Exxon Valdez, and although we were told that the damage from the spill was “irreparable” my friends fish there every summer still, and say it’s great. You can still catch your limit in under a half hour off the docks in Valdez when the salmon are running. Drop your hook a bit deeper and you get Halibut.

It’s a ridiculous policy both strategically and economically to ignore the great resources we have offshore while letting Communist Despots take them from under our nose.