Persistent Courage

Real courage takes persistence — it’s neither the bluster or posture of a moment, nor even the brave act of an instant as most people would picture it. Real courage takes fortitude, resolve, and a strength of character that few in this world have. An example of real courage would be the small business man who fights through five years of economic downturn, and who ends by selling his house and car to make the final payroll before the IRS arrives to claim both for taxes. It would also be that same business man starting over again after paying off the IRS.

Another might be a one-armed blind man who works until he is earning a six figure income writing software and repairing PC’s. Another would be the soldiers in Iraq, who go out everyday although they know they could be fired upon, or could come across an IED. They go regardless of what world opinion of them is, and they go with loyalty to our country and our cause in their hearts.

However, if I had to point at the most courageous person in the world at the moment, it would be an untruth to point to anyone but President George Bush. He’s been steadily maligned for five years by critics and cynics, and now even by some friends. He’s fought consistently against a foe that will not stand and meet us in the light of day, and he has suffered with every casualty our armed forces have taken.

Five years into the war on terror I have seen him age ten years, but he is steadfast still. He and his family will never be safe in their lifetimes no matter how successful we are in the war on terror, a fact few of his critics take into account when calling him a liar, or a murderer, or greedy for oil.

None of those critics ever step back and look at the real picture — no motive would cause you to put your familie’s fate and future in certain jeopardy unless it were something larger than both you and them — like the fate and future of your country and the world.

There are certainly areas where you might disagree with him, an example of that might be immigration, or another might be federal spending — regardless, in the area that matters most, he is doing well and we would be foolish not to support him with at least a hundreth of the courage he displays every day.

When I think on this – as I must with the polls so low and with the town idiots crying it from every corner soapbox, then I have to admire our president even more. For in the end I know that he will neither flag nor falter in doing what is right in the war on terror, no matter the volume of the hue and cry of the reality-challenged.

The other consideration you should make is that our President is much wiser and far-thinking than his critics would have. He has started the debate on Nuclear energy with his speeches — none would use the “N” word prior to that. He opened the debate on Energy Independence, he got the whole immigration discussion started, and he is still trying to get social security reformed. Let’s not forget the tax cuts either. I would not count W out of the game yet folks.

You might also consider a moment about why he’s been quiet of late. Should he be the most prominent voice of the Republican party when we have midterms in six months, and a new Presidential election in two years? Perhaps he’s made some room for others to step forward and lead a bit.

For an overview of the “battle fatigue” people are suffering, see Democracy Project & Gateway Pundit.

Personally I don’t want to see another Helicopter evacuation of an American Embassy in late 2008 or 2009. If you need some inspiration, and some insight into persistent courage, read this book.

Shackleton made a lot of mistakes on this expedition, he could have taken dynamite, he could have used a different route, he could have used a steel-hulled ship, etc. The story however is how his enduring courage, character, and leadership overcame adversity in the end, and how he brought everyone out alive after nearly two years of being trapped in the ice. The book also has some really great pictures, the ship trapped in ice rigging shrouded with frost at night is one Ansel Adams would be proud of.