Nuclear updates

Nuclear updates

Japan nuclear industry gets a win in court here.

Here’s an update on China’s progress.

Go GO Goshutes! 

Meanwhile all is not glum in the US, BLM closed the public comment filing period for Private Fuel Storage’s bid to open an nuclear waste storage facility at the Skull Valley Goshute reservation Thursday. Most of the comments are negative, but in light of current events I suspect that this will go through. Environmentalists, the Latter Day Saints, and Utah politicians make for strange bedfellows in opposition.

For a good overview on why some political divides heal in face of new technology, I recommend reading “The Future and Its Enemies” by Virginia Postrel. The book is a seminal work, and very entertaining. You might not agree with conclusions, but the book will make you think of things from a different perspective. My favorite quote from the book that says much in very simple terms once you’ve read it:

“The future’s going to happen.” — Virginia Postrel