Welcome visitors from American Thinker

Welcome to readers of American Thinker, I am posting this because one of the links in my article is broken, no fault of the great editors, but mine instead. If you are trying to get to the link labeled “ultimate evil end” here is the article.

I’ve sent them email to correct, hopefully they get it soon. Update: Link in the main article is now fixed. Thanks

2 thoughts on “Welcome visitors from American Thinker”

  1. Dear Thanos,
    Just read “Children of Lightning, Children of Terror.
    Bravo! I have sent it to those with whom I have a perpetual discussion on the foolish policies they take as truth. Oh yes, they are part of my family or I would not continue to bang head against wall.
    If you beautiful prose does not get to them, I will no longer feel need to continue my efforts.
    Some will need to grow up a bit. Sadly, many never do.
    Thank you and I have added you to my favorites.
    If only I could figure out how to not sleep!
    We have so many talented insightful writers on our side and I certainly add you to our list. Another great pick by Thomas Lifson.

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