Why I’m Seriously Considering Registering as Democrat

I can’t believe this sad sickness displacing reason within the Republican party.

I will never get in bed with Birchers, ever. Anyone Speaking at this convention will receive zero dollars from me, and zero support. In fact, anyone speaking is going to be constantly slammed by me as someone who spoke at a Bircher convention.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m Seriously Considering Registering as Democrat”

  1. I heard some wise words once when I found myself in a similar position. “Just because you don’t agree with someone 15% of the time does not make them your enemy. ” Remember, the Republican party is made up of much more than Birtchers (thank God!), and also try to keep in mind what the Democrats stand for now that they have sold their soul to the communist (now called progressive) demon. I feel for my old school democrat friends who are, oddly enough, in the same situation you are in. They tell me in horror that they have watched the party of JFK turn into the party of KGB. To the Republican’s strength, groups like the Birtchers are very few and considered the fringe. Te rest of us ignore them. Have faith.

  2. Sorry but if your argument is based on the left being “communist” you lost already Conrad, that’s the main theme of the birchers. That’s really a lame attempt if you are trying to be persuasive.

  3. Thanos,

    I’m far more worried about the party in power right now than I am about a handful of Birchers. While you and all your new Lizard friends shriek about “creationists” and Birchers, the Democratic Party is actually chipping furiously at the very foundations of this country.

    I highly recommend you take a break from LGF, it’ll do you good.

  4. Never thought I’d see the day when you would attempt to downplay the buttweight of the radical right within the Republican ranks Ringo. Taking a break from LGF isn’t in the cards because there’s no place sane on the right to go right now. Thanks.
    Also note that if you can’t see the racism behind the “NWO” kookspiracy sign in your latest post you are either naive or willfully blind.

  5. Other than an occasional comment, such as this one, I’ve pretty much stopped posting in blog threads….and I’m enjoying life more for it. Most blog comment threads (both left and right) attract oddballs, kooks and obsessive types. That’s why I don’t allow comments on my website.

    I know that there are nutty right-wingers out there, but having attended many Lefty protests, and now a number of “tea party” type events, I can honestly tell you that the crazy is much, much crazier at the Leftwing demonstrations. Besides, I’m far less worried about unsophisticated conservatives protesting against big government that I am about Leftists – with the help of most of the “MSM” and virtually all of academia – organizing, and marching, against capitalism and in support of Americas enemies…especially when the Democrats have complete control of our government.

    Of course I have no tolerance for racists, but I honestly did not detect any racism at the “tea party” event that you refer to. Sure, the “NWO” sign was kooky (as were some of the global warming signs), but you’ll have to explain to me how it ‘s racist.

    Anyhow, hope you had a nice holiday…and do have a Happy New Year.

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