True Fiscal Conservatives Always Charge Their Groceries to State Party Credit Cards…

In the mounting brouhaha over Marco Rubio’s personal expenses being charged to GOP credit cards Hot air has been fast to leap to the defense; after all the darling of the CPAC convention is a true fiscal conservative in the “Duke” Randall Cunningham and J.D. Hayworth mold…

See TNR for more:

Florida Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio charged grocery bills, car repairs and a number of other personal expenses to a GOP-issued credit card during his tenure as speaker of the state’s House, according to a report in the Miami Herald.

The take on this from Charles Crist, Rubio’s opponent here

Florida Dems call for an Independent prosecutor and corruption probe after Sansom resignation.

It appears Rubio double billed the state for some flights as well.

Rubio: It might have been my staffers…. there’s some of that personal responsibility that “True Conservatives” are always harping about…

Rubio’s barber less expensive than Edwards — the definition of fiscal conservatism

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