2 thoughts on “Pelosi Prevaricates”

  1. Truly amazing- Pelosi was caught lying red-handed… and she’s STILL lying.

    Of course, she had no objection to the use of EITs for almost 5 years- until she was Speaker in 2007 and the antiwar left raised it as an issue. Suddenly she’s against it, and/or “knew nothing”. And obviously willing to lie to the whole country to create a more favorable reality.

    Pelosi is a no-talent hack who’s made a lot of enemies. Going to be hard to BS her way out of this one- her approval rating was like 9% before this story even broke.

  2. How can you expect Nancy and the rest of the liberals to remember what
    happened in 2002 when they have forgotten 9/11/01? Now that the heat
    is on, she hauls ass to Iraq hoping we will forget her forgetting or lying.
    Nancy is like a goose, everytime she blinks she wakes up in another world…

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