Newt Gingrich Grills MSM Reporter Over Sarah Palin

This is really must see TV — watch about 2:30 into this interview when the reporter brings up the experience question.

The list and litany of things Sarah Palin has done that Obama has not could go on a long, long while. It has always been the case for most of our history that the best apprenticeship for a high level Executive position isn’t a legistlative career, but rather another executive postion. Our stronger presidents and vice presidents have almost always come from Governorships or Mayorial positions. It stands to reason that Sarah is much more qualified than Barack Obama.

7 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Grills MSM Reporter Over Sarah Palin”

  1. McCain was commander of the largest squadron in the Navy.
    Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, AK, and Governor of ALaska,
    the largest state. These are not just executive positions but
    leadership positions. Obama and Biden have neither of these
    positions in their experience. Both McCain and Palin have made names for themselves by being “mavericks” and bucking their
    party when it was needed. Obama and Biden both usually vote
    along party lines. Biden has voted for bills across the aisle from
    time to time, but Obama votes party lines 80% of the time or more.

  2. I have to say, this morning I watched about 10 min. of TV news. Local KRON4 “reporter” talking about the convention last night actually said, “all she’s done is give a speech”. now I am taking it a bit out of context, but none the less. The more the left talks about Mrs. Palin, the more they echo the right’s talking points about Obama.

  3. The election will be settled at the polls. I just hope that the voters think about the next day and the next four years before casting their vote. The MSM is pushing the liberal candidates in the faces of the American and foreign public. I just pray that they
    are not swayed by the promises that have been made and look
    at the experience, honesty and leadership of the candidates.
    Charisma got Bill Clinton elected for eight years of higher taxes, reducing our defense posture and an impeachment. In these days and times, we can’t afford another era like that. The nation deserves better.

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