Meghan Kelly Rips US Magazine Over Sarah Palin Story

Please also note that US magazine is owned by Rolling Stone, who has sent thousands to the Barack Obama Campaign.

UPDATE: Robert Bidinotto is running through the smorgasboard of smears against Sarah Palin and countering them as the left goes deranged in the run up to her speech tonight.

4 thoughts on “Meghan Kelly Rips US Magazine Over Sarah Palin Story”

  1. The headline on the US magazine was not correct! There are no lies, only truths! Where do they get off on putting a headline on front of their magazine just to sell copies??? That is the lamest thing I have ever seen. That magazine is trying to sell something that isn’t even truthful or balanced at all. I know that Governor Palin is a “true American” and represents so many of us women here in the U.S.A. I, for one, along with my husband, love her spirit and her blitz! Good going to you, Sarah Palin! You and John S. McCain have our vote!!

  2. I watched the live interview and Kelly Meghan gave the Editor-in-Chief hell. He could not defend the story nor come up with any facts only rumors, but the press is free in this nation, perhaps too free at times…

  3. I don’t know if the problem is on my computer, but your video embeds on this post and on the Guiliani aren’t showing up.

  4. They appear fine here in firefox, safari, and IE, you might want to check to see if you have Youtube blocked somehow, or perhaps they are having problems again.

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