Moose Party

The Moose heard there was a block party at my sister’s house in Alaska, they decided to stop by and score some free hors d’oeuvres at the neighbors.

Who Owns the Democrats and the Superdelegates?

Whoever does own the delegates, the Denver Police department doesn’t want us to know. According to ABC news their reporter was arrested covering one of the many high dollar meetings in Denver this week at the Brown Palace Hotel. He was arrested trying to film the donors while they were leaving. Story here.

Here again is the ad:

More on Ayers and the Annenberg project at Lawhawk’s.

Tiny? Iran’s Leader Might be “Tiny”

Iran’s leader might be tiny (5′ 6″,) but that doesn’t make the threat tiny. Other would be world conquerers started out small, and built on success. Hitler (5′ 9″), Mussolini (5′ 6″), and Bonaparte (4′ 11″) were all small in stature by today’s standards, but large on destruction.

For Discussion of this ad please see Little Green Footballs.