Mullah Faqir Mohammed Death Confirmed in Urdu Paper: False Report

UPDATE: The International News has him quoted and confirms he’s still alive:

PESHAWAR: Eleven more tribal militants were killed in ferocious bombing by six Pakistan Army gunship helicopters and artillery and mortar shelling on militant hideouts in Bajaur Agency on Friday as the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) vice chief Maulana Faqir Mohammad denied reports about his killing in the ongoing military operation.
There were reports of Maulana Faqir Mohammad’s death in an air attack by two gunship choppers on Thursday. “I did not suffer even a minor injury in the attack on my vehicle, which was indeed destroyed by choppers’ shelling,” Faqir Mohammad said while talking to this correspondent from an undisclosed location on Friday morning.

You just can’t trust reports out of Pakistan, especially those coming from Pakistan Military sources it seems.

Previous report:

As Previously reported Pakistan Army Helos hit a two truck weapons convoy carrying the Leader of the TNSM from the Seway village/Mohmand area, Mullah Faqir Mohammed. There wasn’t confirmation at the time, but an Urdu paper is now reporting official confirmation. Faqir was one of the Talban / AQ leaders set free in the 2006 peace accords which were promptly broken by the Taliban. He was also very close to upper ranks within Al Qaeda per intelligence Sources. More at Memri:

According to the report, the Pakistani officials confirmed that Maulana Faqir Muhammad was killed during the fighting between the Taliban and the Pakistani security forces in the tribal district of Bajaur Agency.

My earlier report here.

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A Beautiful Thing

Precision is one of the watchwords of our modern military forces, and precision coupled with either stealth or distance gives you many benefits. The fact that the Raptor can shoot other jets out of the sky before they know it’s there and the fact that our air-to-air missiles can hit targets before we are in their range adds a great deal to the F-22’s threat profile.

Boeing recently demonstrated Air to Ground capability from a C-130 that is awesome in ability to take out targets without civilian casualties. Wired has the article here.

According to the developers, the accuracy of this weapon is little short of supernatural. They claim that the pinpoint precision can make it lethal or non-lethal at will. For example, they say it can either destroy a vehicle completely, or just damage the tires to immobilize it. The illustration shows a theoretical 26-second engagement in which the beam deftly destroys “32 tires, 11 Antennae, 3 Missile Launchers, 11 EO devices, 4 Mortars, 5 Machine Guns” — while avoiding harming a truckload of refugees and the soldiers guarding them