Denver Loves Mookie

In preparation for the DNC bruhaha in Denver to select their nominee for the Presidential elections in November cadres of kooks are demonstrating to prepare the path for “THE ONE“. As you can see this particular group is fond of Mookie. More at LGF “The Denver Games Opening Ceremony“.

Much more now at Denver Stuff: Furries, Death symbols, Giant puppet heads and Code Pink, what more could the last charge of the moonbat brigade, the last hurrah of the huffington horde ask for?

2 thoughts on “Denver Loves Mookie”

  1. The pics on the links were great. Are the police carrying batons
    or cattle prods? I hope the latter, would be nice to see some of
    the protesters light up every now and then…

  2. I saw all the zipcuffs on their belt, they come prepared. Poor Zombie’s caught in with the protestors, corralled by the cops, and pepper sprayed.

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