Global Warming news

antarctica_radarsat.jpgPhysorg reports on a new article in the June 22nd edition of Nature which details the extensive role of the Antartic deep-ocean CO2 sink.

Global atmospheric carbon level may depend primarily on southernmost ocean from Circulation in the waters near the Antarctic coast may be one of the planet’s critical means of regulating levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, according to Princeton researchers.

Weekend Nuclear Energy Roundup

floating reactor.jpgIn an interesting twist on some of Atomic Rod‘s ideas, the Russians now plan to build portable floating nuclear reactors as reported by Der Spiegel. It’s workable, since these are reactors just like the ones Russian Subs and Icebreakers currently use. The drawback as Der Spiegel points out is that the reactors use U-235 weapons-grade Uranium in their fuel rods. If you want to use old-school permanent disposal techniques, (in other words put it where nobody could get at it again,) it does propose novel solutions. You could fill the barge with cement and drop it in the bottom of the Marianas trench. However new-school is that any uranium is much too valuable to dispose of permanently, it’s better to recycle it.

The concept is amazing. The new ship could be anchored along any coastline where there is no threat of a tsunami or hurricane. All local engineers have to do is attach a few cables and then the magic arrives: “the reactors are activated — and there is light.” Voilá, the world’s mobile, boat-based nuclear reactor for the production of civilian power. That, at least, is how an enthusiastic Evgeny Kuzin, who works for the Russian utility company Malaya Energetika, pitches the ambitious project.

Speaking of Rod Adams you can catch him here at his blog, Atomic Insights with a new podcast from Friday on Canada’s potential energy future.

Also, over at NEI Nuclear notes, a very detailed piece refuting Greenpeace’s “Chernobyl’s just waiting to happen here in America” hysteria with solid facts on nuclear safety.

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Nuclear power in layman’s terms

There’s a great article on energy, energy sources, and why we should build more nuclear energy plants in the US over at Kuro5hin, check it out.

You’ll also hear people moan about a fuel shortage with nuclear: except that there is none. The Indians use thorium successfully in their nuclear design, and there is a lot of that around. Additionally, all of the uranium stores are not sitting in countries where you would fund Wahhabi Islam by mining it. The U.S.A., for one, could become largely self-sufficient energy wise. Now how’s that for an energy national security policy?

At the end it wraps up by repeating the theme you can find here in Energy Part III, originally published at American Thinker.

FBI arrests terrorist suspects in Miami

What is it with Florida and Terrorists? More raids there, FBI agents will release more on details Friday, but here’s whats being said now.

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Truth, Lies, and WMD

Let’s take the politics and the passion out of the debate for a short moment. WMD have undeniably been found. Whether these are “the weapons of mass destruction we went to war for” or not doesn’t matter. The politics don’t matter, what matters is that 500 highly dangerous weapons have been taken out of the hands of lunatics.

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Missile Defense Agency

With North Korea readying to launch it’s new Taepodong II missle, the nuclear table stakes just raised. On Tuesday, North Korea asserted that it has the right to test fire the missle with theoretical capability to reach the US, and I am going to agree with them.

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Sadaam’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) found.

The weapons of mass destruction that Sadaam Hussein had prior to the second war with Iraq have been found, 500 shells have been found with sarin and mustard gas in varying condition since 2003. See the full story at Captain’s Quarters, along with the Negroponte memo on the subject.

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Plutos moons — Nyx Nixxed

nix and hydra.jpg Pluto’s recently discovered moons have been named. The orginal intent was to name them Nyx and Hydra, befitting for Pluto, and matching the pantheon that includes the first moon, Charon. However a near-earth object is named Nyx already…

The moons can be seen faintly to the right as small dots, with Pluto the predominant feature from the Hubble Space Telescope photo.

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Murtha mouthings

Captain’s Quarters questions Murtha’s Sunday talk show appearance with good reason. Murtha is even more out of touch than the five parade generals who have suddenly gone silent. As I’ve written before and will again, few people who haven’t served in the past ten to fifteen years have a grasp of our capabilities, and the strategems and tactics we must use in the war we are in.

Tonight I am on a conference call

sand.jpgA serious issue from work has me involved in what appears to be an all night conference call, so not much happening here tonight. Instead, a picture, if I catch a break here then a poem.