Putting Faith in its Place

Putting Faith in its Place

A good logical examination of faith, and why you shouldn’t go overboard with it and try to control others by its dictates. Those should be personal for you, but not for everyone else – their beliefs might be different and nobody can prove who is correct.

This comes from one of my favorite youtube rational thinkers, Qualia Soup.

Murder Through Faith

Murder Through Faith

Madeline Kara Neumann; Photo Credit AP / Daylife Madeline Kara Neumann; Photo credit AP/Daylife

A Jury has convicted Kara’s mother of second-degree reckless homicide after her daughter died from a medically treatable form of diabetes which her parents tried to treat through prayer. Story at FNN.
If you have faith and you value life, then you have to value what humans can do for each other as well.

That doesn’t stop you from praying for healing after you call 911 and it certainly doesn’t diminish your faith. Failing to seek medical help for the incapacitated is reckless and it is murder regardless of what you personally believe.

Obama Gets a Helping Hand on Faith From the MSM

h/t Little Green Footballs.

Nice help there George, Nice Lie there Obama:

“He has suggested that I am a muslim.”

 John McCain never suggested that you were muslim, and has decried the attempts to paint you as one.