Murder Through Faith

Murder Through Faith

Madeline Kara Neumann; Photo Credit AP / Daylife Madeline Kara Neumann; Photo credit AP/Daylife

A Jury has convicted Kara’s mother of second-degree reckless homicide after her daughter died from a medically treatable form of diabetes which her parents tried to treat through prayer. Story at FNN.
If you have faith and you value life, then you have to value what humans can do for each other as well.

That doesn’t stop you from praying for healing after you call 911 and it certainly doesn’t diminish your faith. Failing to seek medical help for the incapacitated is reckless and it is murder regardless of what you personally believe.

Amish Save Children Through Genetic Science

This video is counter point to the previous post on faith healing. Here you see people of a deeply conservative faith willing to use science because they value life first.


Murder Through Faith

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