Murder Through Faith

Murder Through Faith

Madeline Kara Neumann; Photo Credit AP / Daylife Madeline Kara Neumann; Photo credit AP/Daylife

A Jury has convicted Kara’s mother of second-degree reckless homicide after her daughter died from a medically treatable form of diabetes which her parents tried to treat through prayer. Story at FNN.
If you have faith and you value life, then you have to value what humans can do for each other as well.

That doesn’t stop you from praying for healing after you call 911 and it certainly doesn’t diminish your faith. Failing to seek medical help for the incapacitated is reckless and it is murder regardless of what you personally believe.

Left Wing Domestic Terrorists Sentenced for Plot to Firebomb RNC Convention

Left Wing Domestic Terrorists Sentenced for Plot to Firebomb RNC Convention

david-mckayThe perps had a trailer full of screw-studded plastic shields manufactured from stolen traffic control barrels and molotov cocktails stored at an apartment.  Mckay was perfectly ok with police deaths or injuries:

During the same conversation, while discussing the use of Molotov cocktails, McKay was heard saying that he could leave the scene with a police officer burning or dying, and that “it’s worth it if an officer gets burned or maimed.”

more details here.

Warning: Links below come from radical left anarchist sites.

The FBI has labeled this group as the “Austin Affinity Group” but the affidavit doesn’t really state who they had affinity for. Kudos to law enforcement for a job well done in preventing domestic terrorists looking to use demonstrations as cover for their “red actions.” Sarcastic golf claps for the light sentencing from the court.
Notice that at Houston Indymedia they were immediately screaming “frame up” etc. in comments.

Expect these people to become heroic icons of the left ala Ayers and Dorn on their exit from prison. Also note that you see the traditional “But he was a good boy” protests that always follow terror convictions everywhere.

Lapses in Judgement

To stand up for “Social Justice” you would think that you would need some judgement…

 Of course in Obama’s circles, Social Justice is just a code word for Socialism, as you can hear from Obama in this audio clip from NPR: