Obama: The Fail Part II, Nothing

Obama: The Fail Part II, Nothing

I’ve been among those saying that there’s plenty to slam our President on without making stuff up as some kookspiracist bloggers are prone to do, and you don’t need to wish him to fail. In my previous post I noted that President Obama is failing at least for his first six months in office citing just the facts.

This RNC video summarizes his first six months on the domestic issues in a hard hitting political ad:

Also note you can add Caving to Iran to the list of indefensible foreign policy blunders.

4 thoughts on “Obama: The Fail Part II, Nothing”

  1. Now the Dems are going to start investigations into Bush, Cheney, and
    the Agfhans killing a bunch of Taliban, the CIA, Tenent, etc…etc… anything
    that will distract the public and the MSM from all the failures plus pushing
    through the nomination of Sotomayer and healthcare etc…A lot of people
    are starting to see through the lies and deceit that Obama promised
    during his campaign and are losing their patience along with their jobs…

  2. With the administration not allowing air or artillery support for the sake of not killing civilians, I am sure the Marines and soldiers really appreciate
    that. Everytime there’s a questionable bill up in Congress notice how we have a distraction, swine flue, Mexican drug war, Obama visits etc…
    The stock market is teetering on the edge and he just doesn’t get it…
    And BTW…what happened to the transparency he promised? Or did I just
    dream that???

  3. The RNC ought to run the old TV ad, ” I’ m not the President of the United
    States, but I play one on TV…”

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