2 thoughts on “Sleepy Kasey”

  1. Kasey is an Australian Shepherd, of the Blue Merle variety. She’s the best dog I’ve ever had. The males tend to have larger chest manes, and the strange coloration can vary wildly from pup to pup, you might get more brown, white or black with some than others. Kasey is mostly the marbled grey/blue throughout. I will warn you : these are highly energetic dogs, and demand attention. When I don’t play with Kasey enough ( chase the stick, keep the stick away from Thanos, jump for the frisbee etc) then she will sometimes come running down the stairs full tilt, and jump right in my lap like a bolt out of the blue.
    Anywhere you go the shepherd follows, they have weird bedtime routines, and are highly entertaining. Many of them get abandoned however because folks don’t realize what they are getting into. Do not get one if you don’t have space for it to run, it will be the fastest dog you’ve ever had.

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