The Party of Racism and the Party of Liberty

Bob Parks has put together the history of civil rights in America; one which you won’t see from the lamestream media. It’s pretty essential reading when you reference the recent survey that showed that one third of Democrat voters are still racist. Please stop by for a read. I’ve always been proud to be a member of the party of liberty and freedom, and I always will be.

2 thoughts on “The Party of Racism and the Party of Liberty”

  1. If anyone has noticed for years, the Democrats promise the minorities a better life every election.
    After they are elected, they make a half hearted effort and don’t deliver.The next election they blame their failure on the Republicans and start all over again with the statement ” If I am reelected….” The minorities fall for this lip service and don’t realize they are voting for promises that are never fulfilled
    by a party that just wants to stay in office…

  2. How can people forget that it was the democrats that fought against desegregation? Kleagle Byrd? George Wallace? Bull Connor?

    Democrats, each and every one.

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