BDS Moonbat Arrested for Attacking Cerebral Palsy Victim in Wheelchair

BDS and Moonbattery know few bounds, Lawhawk has the story at A Blog For All.

Update: Doing a little digging on the group “We are change” it turns out that they are 9/11 Troofer Moonbats, who love Lyndon LaRouche and Michael Bloomberg. (They want Obama dumped for Bloomberg, or maybe LaRouche does, the stench of madness permeates their forum, I’ll be honest that I didn’t hang out too long….) From the forum:

The now rapidly accumulating evidence of a European plot to establish a fascist dictatorship over western and central Europe, when this ongoing activity is compared with the fascist plot led by the cabal gathered around New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, and around traditionally fascist figures such as George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn of Pinochet regime notoriety, makes it fair to say that an immediate threat of an international fascist coup d’etat is currently in full swing in both the U.S.A. and western and central Europe. It is only during this month that the implications of this trans-Atlantic fascist plot have exposed themselves as a clear and present immediate danger to civilization world-wide.
Every sane citizen on both sides of the Atlantic should recognize this as a threat to the life and freedom of his or her nation and families. Those who do refuse to recognize this as an immediate threat, should be classed, as pathetic fools, or worse, like the poor Germans who did not take seriously the threat which Mussolini and Hitler represented to civilization as a whole already in 1933-1934.
This trans-Atlantic plot is steered from the circles of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s London. It must be stopped now, or there will be virtually no major elections of actually representative forms of government, in either North America, nor western and central Europe, during this year.
The key to understanding this clear and present danger, is as follows.
The failed first draft of the London-sponsored Lisbon treaty used to design this fascist coup effort, was launched on the impetus from the same Prime Minister Tony Blair who orchestrated the fraudulent launching of the presently still ongoing war in Southwest Asia. That is to emphasize that the original draft of the Lisbon Treaty was launched before August 2007, before the clearly visible eruption of a presently hurtling, general, global financial breakdown-crisis, which is now sending the world as a whole in the direction of a near-term collapse into a global new dark age.
This present, new, far more savage Lisbon draft, which embodies changes which were being kept as secret as possible until the most recent weeks, if it is rammed through successfully as treaty-law between now and April-May, would immediately establish a fascist international dictatorship over all western and central Europe, a dictatorship based on the same evil purposes as the alliance around the Presidential ambitions of Mayor Bloomberg, and Bloomberg’s pro-fascist (e.g., “public private partnership,” corporatist swindle) alliance with Governor Schwarzenegger, George Shultz, and fascist Felix Rohatyn, et al., in the U.S.A.
Ignore foolish, or lying babblers like Representative Barney Frank, or Felix Rohatyn’s captive dummy, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Our republic’s lawful existence is in immediate threat of destruction under the influence of the enemy foreign power centered in the role of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his followers. Defend our republic against that enemy, while you still can.
If the backers of this international fascist plot win their attempted takeover of Europe between now and May, and if the virtually inevitable dumping of Obama by his present financial backers brings the candidacy of Mayor Bloomberg to the fore, you, Mr. and Mrs. Citizen, will have virtually lost your freedom, and much more, for generations still to come.

2 thoughts on “BDS Moonbat Arrested for Attacking Cerebral Palsy Victim in Wheelchair”

  1. Dontcha think that the term “BDS” loses it’s impact a bit when you’re talking about the least popular US president in history? I thought that was put to bed quite awhile ago.

    And I’m still looking for the elusive “moonbat”. They’re out there, I just know it. lol

  2. It’s a perfectly fitting term for people who stalk children’s book fairs and Bush’s daughters. These people are also troofers who participate in a forum and website that regularly publishes Lyndon LaRouche bullshit rants. Did you know that he thinks Tony Blair and Michael Bloomberg will shortly pwn the world? Is that moonbatty enough for you Chen?

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