Morning Round Up

Here’s a catch-all post for some of the interesting news & links this morning since I’m somewhat tied up:

Absolut is marketing the Reconquista crowd with this ad, if you drink enough vodka you might think you are in the mythical Aztlan. This just feeds the wingnut kookspiracists and nativists, betting that this gets full coverage at VDARE…

Speaking of Barry, first he alienated Pakistan where they burnt him in effigy along with┬áTom Tancredo after injudicious and un-presidential statements, now he’s ticked off Columbia.

Remember Megahed and his other USF student Friends? They were stopped for explosives in South Carolina, he had instructions on how to create a remote detonator with an RC car. Later they said “it’s just fireworks.” Well he’s been convicted on federal firearms charges – he and his friends were practicing at firing ranges, and student visas do not allow possession of firearms.