Zawahiri Lies in his First Response to Internet Questioners

Which references the original Takfirists, and in particular the Azraqi. In reality Al Qaeda is the group closest in actual deed and practice to the wiped out Araqi, who were in their day the hallmark of maniacal evil.

In the first installment of “Ask uncle Ayman” Zawahiri responds with an outright blatant lie of a hypocrite to his internet questioners, he says the killing of innocents is not permitted talking of Hamas, but Al Qaeda kills innocents almost daily:

Al-Zawahri defended the organization, saying it does not kill innocents, in hour and a half long audio response to questions submitted to the movement on extremist Web sites.
The audio message, which was accompanied by a 46 page English transcript, was the first installment to the more than 900 questions submitted by supporters, critics and journalists in December.
Al-Zawarhi’s responses to the Internet queries will be released soon, probably within the next three days, a terrorism monitoring service said on Wednesday.

What about the thousands of  Iraqi Muslims Al Qaeda killed? What about the hundreds of Pakistanis? What about the thousands of Afghanistan Muslims? Here’s the details I cobbled together just from one month, September last.

“We haven’t killed the innocents, not in Baghdad, nor in Morocco, nor in Algeria, nor anywhere else,” al-Zawahri said, according to a 46- page English transcript that accompanied the audio message posted on Web sites linked to al-Qaida.
The answer was in response to the question: “Excuse me, Mr. Zawahri, but who is it who is killing with Your Excellency’s blessing the innocents in Baghdad, Morocco and Algeria?”

I guess anyone not in Al Qaeda is Takfir according to Ayman, and there you have it: Al Qaeda has declared Jihad on the Umma inside Dar Al Islam. Think about that a second – if you are shopping in a market in Kabul, or Quetta, or Mogadishu, or Mosul then you are not innocent if you happen to be in the suicide bomber’s blast according to Ayman. You are Takfir just for being there. If your son or daughter is beside you then they are not innocent either, they are not good Muslims, they are Takfir.

So if you aren’t blowing up your Muslim neighbors who might disagree with Al Qaeda, then you are Takfir, not innocent. If you aren’t torturing Iraqis who just want peace, and throwing their bodies in pits for dogs to eat, then you are Takfir. If you aren’t out killing tribal elders who disagree with Al Qaeda, you are Takfir.

While Al Qaeda is warring on the Umma and muslims live in fear, death, dirt, and destruction, the convenient external scapegoat enemies of AQ are doing great. So if you are Muslim, don’t be fooled: Al Qaeda’s all about power in the Islamic world. Ayman’s stupid, but not so stupid to think they can actually win against the West.  Al Qaeda just wishes to replace the current rulers of your world and you will still get the bootheel under them, just quicker and more firmly.

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Update: In previous posts I’d speculated that Zawahiri was a potential target of the missile strikes in Pakistan, but now we have to cross him off the list as potentially dead. Zawahiri in this tape says Osama Bin Laden is alive and in good health, but so far no proof of that exists, so Bin Laden stays on the potentially dead or very ill list. Either way everyone knows that Bin Laden hasn’t really led Al Qaeda in quite awhile, it’s run by the militant wing of the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood now with all-Egyptian leadership.

Update: I’m reading through the entire statement right now, and there are so many contradictions, paradoxes, and mutually exclusive statements that I’ve concluded that only the mentally deficient follow Al Qaeda and their logic.

I say that not to insult or sneer, but rather as a statement of truth – it is what it is. This matches with the defense you see in courtrooms of Jihadis when they are caught: they were disturbed, they were troubled, etc. It also matches with why they recruit children.

Children do not have mature critical thinking faculties, and therefor are not able to easily detect the myriad, gaping holes in Zawahiri’s statements. So they have as recruits the mentally deficient, the socially outcast, the halt, the lame, the insane. Some Holy warriors ….

Take for example this passage :

“We seek refuge in Allah from the stance and ideology of the Kharijites, those who deemed the Muslims to be unbelievers and deemed their blood and wealth to be Halal without right. And these Kharijite renegades have been concurred with by the Takfir and Hijrah Group who deem the Muslims – in whole and in part – to be unbelievers. These have gone astray from the path.”

Which references the original Takfirists, and in particular the Azraqi. In reality Al Qaeda is the group closest in actual deed and practice to the wiped out Araqi, who were in their day the hallmark of maniacal evil.