UN Marxist Calls for Food Uprising When UN is at Fault

Jean Ziegler UN “special rapporteur on the right to food” blasts the developed nations and blames globalization for the coming starvation, neglecting the fact that the forces of globalization have kept the world out of famine the past two decades. Millions have lived who would have died without the efforts of the west and the growth of Capitalism throughout the globe, that’s easy enough to see in the presentation embedded below. Here’s what Jean said:

Ziegler said he was bound to highlight the “madness” of people who think that hunger is down to fate.

“Hunger has not been down to fate for a long time — just as (Karl) Marx thought. It is rather that a murder is behind every victim. This is silent mass murder,” he said in an interview.

Ziegler blamed globalisation for “monopolising the riches of the earth” and said multinationals were responsible for a type of “structural violence”.

“And we have a herd of market traders, speculators and financial bandits who have turned wild and constructed a world of inequality and horror. We have to put a stop to this,” he said. 

Ziegler said he believed that one day starving people could rise up against their persecutors. “It’s just as possible as the French Revolution was,” he said. [ editor: yes, the French Revolution was so wonderful, it brought “The Terror” and “The Great Terror”, and let’s not forget Mao’s famines, he was a follower of Marx. ]

Jean’s spinning the line right now that the genocidal tyrants and failed governments across the world will use as they put down their food riots with brutal murders and suppression. In reality any nation can feed itself no matter how dense the population if they can reach the farming efficiencies achieved by 16th century Japanese peasants. Using more modern techniques and reasonably priced energy, there isn’t an excuse for a country who is unable to feed its people.

If he feels the need to blame someone the guilty parties have been named here: OPEC, Al Gore, Kyoto, the UN IPCC.

Here’s a wonderful presentation that demonstrates the effects of Capitalism and Freedom and how it pulled so many nations out of the ditch of third world poverty and chronic hunger the past three decades:


To demonstrate the effect of Energy on the ability to grow sufficient crops once more, we have this report * from IAASTD (International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development ) Scroll through it — you will find that energy is the key component even though the report leads with climate change as a factor. Energy is needed for fertilizer, transport, cultivation, and improved water resources. You can see the effects of “small is beautiful” farming in income, mortality rates, and production numbers in several charts – small scale low-energy farming is ugly and deadly. In a low energy future the world faces chronic famine, in an abundant energy future the world is fine and wealth grows across the board. 

* apparently all the historic PDF”s at the IAASTD are now offline for some reason. I hope they are burying data because it doesn’t support current political theory.

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  1. Why doesn’t he blame OPEC? The rising cost of fuel due to this illegal cartel caused the price of food (through increased transportation costs) to escalate. Furthermore, the increased price of fuel caused farmers to switch to ethanol producing crops – further increasing the price of food through a decreased supply.

    Oh, no, the UN can’t blame Venezuela, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia – that would be RACIST.

  2. What do you expect when you put a (Swiss) Frog in charge?

    Anyone who still quotes Marx at this stage of history shouldnt even be Head Dogcatcher In Charge (no offense to animal control people)

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