Charles Johnson Playlist

Kasey WatchesCharles is trying out Imeem over at his place, I’m swiping his playlist to see how the embeds work in WordPress, so here you go, along with a photo of Kasey.
Actually inserting the photo was quite painful, because you have to insert by hand code, and you have to manually add the url for both the thumbnail and the linked actual photo to make WP behave like it did pre-2.5.
Apparently I’m one of the people affected by the bug with the Gallery that causes some SQL configurations to return blanks on the gallery query. So you won’t be seeing too many photos here until the patch in 2.5.1 comes out.
I also pulled down the playlist, no matter how many times I saved it with autoplay off, Imeem ignored it and overode with the playlist owner’s settings. I will need to make my own playlists before I do that again. If you click the link above you can pick it up over at his place, I recommend you do as there’s some really good music in the list.


3 thoughts on “Charles Johnson Playlist”

  1. Excellent, worked perfect using the new WP “embed media” functionality & just the URL, very easy.
    Now I have to figure out how to upload pictures again, something is hosed up about that, or I”m doing something wrong, so no pic of Kasey yet..

  2. Ok I removed the playlist as the autoplay feature could not be turned off and it wasn’t my playlist. Playlists and media work fine, however there’s a bug with WP on some SQL engines with the WP gallery. Until that’s fixed in the 2.5.1 release sometime in May, you won’t be seeing too many pictures here, as it takes manual coding for the URL.

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