Time to Flush the Extremists, not the Koran

The problem in Europe with Muslim extremism is glaringly evident in this short (h/t The Scarlet Crusader). The policy needs to be intolerance towards extremists instead of shelter for extremists – it was shelter from France that created the problems in modern Iran we have today, it was shelter from Britain and the US for the blind Mullah that led to 9/11.

The moderates in Islam will have no voice and no shelter if we allow these rabid voices of hate to bully their way to becoming the voice of Islam in the West. Instead we should be sheltering the moderates from these evils. That’s why it’s important to out extremists who poise as moderates while reviling the west, that’s why it’s important to shelter the principles of freedom that are the basis for our societies, that’s why it’s important to deport the hate-mullahs and death clerics back to the countries who exported them once they became too radical.

Send them back to the countries that created them to foment hate, despair, and destruction there, not here – it will be a valuable lesson for the governments who allow this to fester so they have a weapon to use for destabilization of their neighors. (See the essay “Ancient Enemies” in the sidebar here.)


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