Rudy Bows, But not Quite Out

Rudy Giuliani made a concession speech in the Florida primary last night that was close to an “I’m quitting” speech. That appears to me to be the signal that he’s going to stay in for the debates, and save his campaign ending speech for a moment that’s opportune to endorse another candidate.

Rumor has it that it will be McCain, but we won’t know until it happens. That in mind I’ve pulled his campaign button off the site and will be replacing it with a Romney button as soon as I can find one.

If Rudy endorses McCain, I’ll still be voting Romney.

Update: Rudy Giuliani endorsed McCain.

3 thoughts on “Rudy Bows, But not Quite Out”

  1. Thanos, come on over to ultimitt and join in the strategy. It is a more interactive site dedicated to Mitt and his candidacy. You will find banners and buttons there as well as a warm welcome from the Mitt crowd.

  2. Hi and welcome. As a Mitt supporter I am always happy to have you and all other well informed voters join in supporting Mitt. I hope that everyone with a conservative bone in their body will give Mitt another look.

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